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#100days100blocks2017 update!


Update time! We’re currently on day 10 of the #100days100blocks2017 challenge on Instagram! Lots of participants had started making collages to show their first 9 blocks so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. Its nice to see the first batch of blocks together and get a feel for how they’re all jiving. Also, nice to be able to evaluate if you’ve got a good colour/tonal balance (if you’ve got a specific palette and that’s what you’re going for!)


Is working ahead this much bad?! Or just good planning?

As of this post I’ve worked ahead and I am almost at the 50 block mark (approx 30 blocks shown in the above photo). But let’s be honest here for a second – there would be NO way I’d be able to keep up with this challenge if I didn’t work ahead. Last night for example – I got home from work, got the kids ready for dinner, cleaned up after dinner, sat down for 2 whole minutes before getting the kids ready for bed, put them to bed, packaged up my gear and went to quilt guild. Got home at 9:30pm, threw in a load of laundry and went straight to bed. I would have LOVED for an hour to sit, decompress from the day and sew a block but it wasn’t happening. No biggie though… I could do zero sewing for the next 40 days and be fine, but that’s just crazy talk! 🙂

I’m actually fairly proud of myself for sticking with this, AND for working ahead. I’m a “thrive on procrastinating” type person and can get a lot done the night before something is due, so being this far ahead deserves a pat on the back. *Good job Jenn – you’re doing great!*

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