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Committing to a long-term project scares the crap out of me. Honestly. Not in the sense of being actually afraid of doing it, but knowing me, I’ll get it started and then get bored along the way. Tula Pink’s City Sampler book has been on my shelf for what feels like a long time. I’ve tagged a few pages of blocks that I liked, but haven’t used it for anything other than a bedside table decoration. So when Angie from Gnome Angel announced a second #100Days100Blocks quilt-along I was instantly on board.

Making the same blocks over and over is probably the only thing that I dislike about quilting. So a challenge guaranteed to not make the same block twice really appeals to me! I tend to work with a pretty bright palette most of the time and have amassed quite the scrap pile of modern fabrics (mostly Cotton & Steel… of course!) and have decided that I’ll stick to a specific colour palette, but will not buy any new fabric for these blocks. I’ll be using Essex Linen in Charcoal for the sashing/borders, and plan on incorporated it as well into the blocks in small places.

Angie suggested in one of her posts that the best way to stay on top of the blocks and not get behind (and thus getting disqualified from the PRIZES!) is to make a few blocks ahead of time, take the photos and make sure to post on the correct date. Well… I’ve been so freaking excited to finally be making these blocks that I’m well ahead of schedule… like 30 blocks in. I think I should be good.

The challenge starts this Sunday, so this weekend I’m going to take photos of the first bunch of blocks and get them prepped and ready to post. I’ve GOT THIS! Challenge accepted!

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