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Why I pulled my product from Etsy

Why I pulled my product from Etsy

Its been one of those years. Its now the end of June, almost half way through 2019 and I’ve already had too many little gremlins kicking me in the shins. These are metaphorical gremlins mind you – those little things that happen to you in life or your business that come out of clear nowhere and get on your last nerve. They’re arseholes. 

Its not to say that I haven’t had TONS of awesome things happen so far this year, but you know how it is – somehow you tend to focus on the negative things instead of focusing on the positive things. And one of those negative things that has been nagging at me (that gremlin’s name is Karl – he’s super annoying) is Etsy. I haven’t been happy with Etsy for a while now, but as a small business catering to the maker community you gotta start somewhere, right? There have been multiple warning signs over the past few years (I’m telling you, Karl has been at me for a while); for example, when you used to be able to find firearm components on the site, or when they adjusted their guidelines to cater to the businesses who have third parties mass produce their products. I’ve had an icky feeling that I just couldn’t shake (Karl might have needed an antibiotic) and doing something about it was in my future. 

Sidenote: I’m a big podcast fan – listening to them in the car morning and afternoon makes the commute so much more productive, especially when its a small business podcast. I’m a huge fan of The Creative Women’s League podcast by Kate Tonney. Kate’s no-nonsense, tell it like-it-is episodes are so refreshing – I’m not a sugar-coat type of person and would rather be told how it is, than be fed buttered up nonsense. So when I listened to Kate’s episode 111 about “Why Craftsy closing stores was our greatest wake up call”, I had that wake up call. If you haven’t listened to the episode, check it out here. Without giving away the premise behind Kate’s business pep talk in this episode, I finally made the decision to drop Etsy as a sales channel for Sew Fine Thread Gloss.

 Now lets be clear – I was doing well on Etsy. I had a regular flow of orders making my app cha-ching whenever they came in. So why would I pull my product? Does it seem ludicrous that I would do this? Here’s my reasoning. 

  1. I have my own website that gives me control of how I present, market and sell my product. Kate’s podcast gave me the kick in the pants to realize that I shouldn’t rely on anyone but myself and what I can control when it comes to my business. Staying on Etsy was just, literally, to be on Etsy. To have a presence on Etsy. Time to put on my boss-lady hat, pull an Elsa and let it go. 
  2. The list of amazing wholesale stockists who sell Sew Fine Thread Gloss FOR me is steadily growing. I knew when I launched that having wholesale partnerships with small shop owners was going to be one of the best ways (if not THE best way) to reach my target audience. Having these partnerships is more important than any of the sales that I do on my own website, so why did I need two other separate sales channels? Its was starting to feel like overkill. And I want to spend more time fostering the relationships that I’m building with my stockists. They are all wonderful people with the same love of sewing and making that I have and I need to focus more on them. (Sidenote: I just met Karyn from The Workroom in Toronto this week and she’s sooo lovely! And what a shop! I had never been into The Workroom before and I so wish we were closer – I could spend forever in there!)
  3. Because having a third sales channel, regardless of which came first, was becoming too much to manage myself. I’m still only a one-woman show and I don’t want to burn out a year and a half in. So I made the call that needed to happen for all of the above reasons. 

Did you expect this post to have some scandalous story behind the title? If you did, sorry to disappoint! I felt as though this was a good opportunity to share a legit business story that might inspire or inform someone else rocking the small business/maker badge and potentially stressing out over a similar decision. And for those of you who are on Etsy and the platform is working well for you, awesome! Each business has different needs and are at different stages in their lifecycle, and this is where I find myself right now. Karl has been given his notice to vacate the premises. Now that he’s on his way out, I’ve got more room to grow. 

*This post represents my personal experience on the Etsy platform and does not represent any thoughts or experiences other than my own.

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New Holiday Scents!

It pains me to write that summer is over, but as I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE the fall! The crisp air, the beautiful colours and the cozy scarves. I’d much rather be wearing layers in the cool mornings than being too hot to sleep. And with the changing seasons come the fragrances that remind you of fond memories and the holidays associated with them.

For my first holiday collection I thoughtfully chose 4 fragrances that remind me of the upcoming autumn and winter seasons.

I chose two autumn scents that are different, yet similar. Firstly, I am 100% on the PSL bandwagon with no desire to hop off anytime! I’d eat pumpkin pie any time of the year, and have actually requested it instead of birthday cake on multiple occasions. Pumpkin Delight is a nice mixture of fresh pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and a hint of sweet caramel – the perfect blend to use when hand-binding your quilt and watching the cool breeze brush through the ever-changing leaves. The second autumn scent I chose reminds me of visiting coffee shops – sipping hot coffee, chatting with friends, enjoying a piece of coffee cake or pastry and leaving with that happy, warm feeling. The blend of coffee, spices and caramel round out my Coffee Cake scent.

The two winter fragrances I chose remind me of (again) happy memories and seasonal activities dear to my heart. The quintessential peppermint in Candy Cane is reminiscent of that classic holiday treat, with a splash of sweet sugar. Sticky mittens and faces after the Santa Claus parade, or sneaking pieces from the glass candy dish on my grandparent’s sideboard at holiday family dinners. And last but not least, Christmas. For me, this scent brings memories of fresh cranberries and dried candied fruits, apples, cinnamon and spices found in the kitchen during the holidays. Isn’t holiday baking the best?!

To get your hands on one (or all!) of these scents, stop by my Etsy shop, or see if one of your local (or online) quilt shops carry them.

I spent a lot of time trying different fragrance blends when deciding on this collection, and hope that everyone enjoys them as much as I do! Maybe one of them will create new memories for you, of sitting under your half-bound quilt on a chilly morning, or working on your hand-quilting at night in front of the fireplace. I’d love to hear about your favourite holiday memories!