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EPP mini quilt by Jenn McMillan

Weird post title, I know. But I am excited to write this post even though I can’t divulge any of the finer details just yet. A few months ago I wrote about my creative resolutions for the year. While I’m in-process with a few of my resolutions, I’m happy to announce that resolution #4 has been achieved!

Basted and stitched together.

I will have 3 (yes, three!) quilt patterns published in well-known international quilting magazines with news-stand dates in 2018. Its been fun getting to know more about the commissioning process in this industry and how far in advance projects are scheduled.

The photo to the right is a test for one of the three projects I’ve mentioned above. Its an English Paper Pieced mini quilt and can be used as a wall hanging, table decoration, etc. I made this one out of scraps but there’s a planned palette for the final version and its gonna look soooo pretty! I’ll have the pattern available online a few months after its published. And I’ve got a box of brand spankin’ new fabric not yet available in stores on its way to me for my next commissioned project. That one is due for photography in the fall so I’ve got to get working on it as soon as the fabric arrives!

Needless to say I’m going to have a busy year, but I’m feeling very accomplished with my creative resolutions list so far.

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