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My first spin at the long-arm

One of my bucket list items is to one day (and by one day I mean it will probably only happen once I retire!) own a long-arm quilting machine. But until then I must resort to either quilting my own quilts or sending them out to be long-armed. Fortunately Sharon from Quilting Stitches let me learn how to use her machine while quilting an all-over design on a patchwork quilt I had been working on for my daughter.

Sharon runs her quilting business in the back studio of Mad About Patchwork, my favourite local fabric shop. I brought in my quilt top and backing and purchased the batting once I had arrived. Sharon showed me how to set up the frame, choose the pattern, and run the machine.

Other than keeping an eye on the edges of the quilt, when sewing a pre-programmed pattern, it is quite easy! Makes me want one of my own… mind you I’d have to win the lottery. And then quit my job so I can stay at home and sew all day. And then build an addition on my house with a huge sewing room to fit the massive long-arm frame I would want. Yep, a girls gotta dream!

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