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Residual – a new quilt pattern

What is leftover when a change happens? Are there consequences that weren’t considered? Is there a ripple effect that takes place and alters the outcome of seemingly unrelated relationships? Might that affect how you feel about what remains?

This is my concept statement for a new quilt pattern I’m working on, called the Residual Quilt. Although this statement may seem directed towards the negative, its meaning is derived from both positive and negative experiences, and can be either a reminder of a hurdle in the past that you have overcome, or a goal you are aiming to achieve. Like the concept of the Butterfly Effect, small changes may result in major disruptions that could not have been imagined.

Above are my two colour schemes that I’m considering for my full sized version of this quilt. As part of my design process, I tend to make a mini version of the block, or quadrant in this case to see how it looks in real life. Because as nice, crisp and clean an Illustrator mock-up may look, it may not work out as nicely in fabric, due to seams, bulky points, etc.

Not the exact same colours, but similar, I made this mini and hand-quilted the living crap out of it. Why? Because I wanted to. And also, because it gave a bit more context to some of the thoughts I had while designing the layout.

The basic layout finishes at 64″x64″, but additional sections can be added or removed to adjust the size. I’ll be needing a few quilt pattern testers in the next few months, so if you’re interested in testing this pattern for me, please send me a message via the contact page.

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