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Libs Elliott collaboration!

libs elliott sew fine thread gloss collection

Well hello friends and welcome to another instalment of “holy crap I’m stupid excited!” Why you ask? (Hint… you just read the title of this post, right?!)

Yes!! I have teamed up with an AHHHmazing designer, a Canadian designer at that, to bring you another Sew Fine Thread Gloss collaborative collection. And you’re going to LOVE it!

Some background first. Last year as Program Coordinator for the OMQG, I had the pleasure of organizing and attending Libs’ Embrace the Chaos workshop here in Ottawa. It was such a fun workshop and Libs was a trooper – she was so sick, but stuck with us for the entire day. While we were packing up I shamelessly gave Libs a sample of Sew Fine Thread Gloss to take home and try out. Okay, honestly – I was driving her back to her hotel, so I pretty well had her hostage, and she wasn’t feeling the greatest so she probably just took it to shut me up. LOL! But you know what – that weird hostage product handoff has paid off my friends because LOOK AT THAT TITLE!

*Please note – I do not condone holding sew-lebrities hostage in your car while you force product on them. It worked out okay in this situation but might not in others. Thank you.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I was walking through the grocery store parking lot when I got a message on Instagram from Libs (fangirl moment ensued) wanting to talk about a collaboration! Umm yaasss!

And here we are. Also, what better timing to launch this collaboration than when Libs is the featured artist at Quilt Canada! So without further ado – may I present Libs’ Sew Fine Thread Gloss collection!

Meet the new Libs Elliott Sew Fine Thread Gloss collection: Amber Violet, Orange Lavender and Rose Wood!

In honor of this collection launch I arranged a mini interview with Libs to talk about her reasons behind the collaboration.

photo via

Q: Why did you want to partner with Sew Fine Thread Gloss?

L: There are a few reasons I asked to partner with Sew Fine Thread Gloss. Firstly, I’ve been using it for a while and it’s a product I really believe improves my overall sewing experience. The opportunity to curate some of my own scents and share this awesome product with the sewing community was too exciting not to pursue. Secondly, it’s a Canadian and woman-owned business – just like me! – so building partnerships like this helps to lift us both up and find success as women entrepreneurs.

Q: Has using a thread conditioner changed your hand-sewing experience?

L: Yes, it has really changed my experience. Despite keeping my threads fairly short, I constantly ran into issues with thread tangling and knotting up. But with just one or two passes of thread through Sew Fine, that’s no longer an issue. It’s made the whole hand-sewing process so much more enjoyable for me and I find myself looking forward to it more often now. Plus, the pretty scents are definitely a bonus!

Q: You’ve curated a selection of amazing scent combinations – what draws you to these scents and/or why did you choose them?

L: I wanted to curate scents that have a balance similar to some of my favourite perfumes that I’ve collected during my travels. I’ve always liked the juxtaposition of florals and citrus against more earthy and woody scents. To me, it feels like a balance between feminine and masculine. Rose Wood, Violet Amber and Orange Lavender are all scents that embody that special combination and spark daydreams of exotic places.

Q: You have some breathtaking EPP patterns – how does using a thread conditioner make these projects easier?

L: When I’m sewing EPP projects, I often thread 3 or 4 needles at a time so that I can sew continuously for longer periods without interruption. Now, I run all loaded threads through the conditioner and they no longer get tangled up while sitting in my needle minder. When I’m sewing, the thread glides through the fabric much more easily and I feel like the stitches stay more firmly in place.

Q: And a non thread gloss related question – what inspires your quilt-making?

L: I’ve always had this notion that objects have stories based on their journeys. I like to think that some parts of the story are known by those who own the object but some parts are only known to the object itself. What motivates and inspires me to quilt is that same notion – that I’ll put my story and stitches into a piece, then release it into the world to have a story and journey of its own. I like the mystery of not knowing where my quilts will end up.

Also a big shout out to Peggy Pirillo who made this mini quilt! She was one of my swap partners for the #libselliottminiswap early last year! Its the perfect backdrop for this launch!

If you happen to be reading this post Friday June 14th, Libs will have the collection with her at Quilt Canada and will be available to purchase for her class attendees. Otherwise, they will be available online at I’ll be roaming the floor all day Friday, so if you see me say HI! I’ll have lots of Sew Fine Thread Gloss samples to give out!

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My 2019 Sewing/Creative Goals

2019 is close at hand, and with this time of year brings the dreaded “resolution” lists. Uuuhhh… gag me with a stick. Personally, I don’t like the term “resolution” – for me it brings thoughts of trying to “resolve” something about myself and my lack of willpower to follow through with it, which usually leads to disappointment. Instead of using the term “resolution”, I’m setting goals for this year regarding my creative endeavours. Goals that I can work towards, but don’t have a set time frame so long as progress is being made. 

Progress my friends, is the key achievement here. 
progress [noun prog-res, -ruhs or, esp. British, proh-gres; verb pruh-gres] noun

  1. a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage.
  2. developmental activity in science, technology, etc.
  3. advancement in general.

I’m looking at #1 and 3 above and they feel like two very good descriptions of what I want to do this upcoming year. Maybe I’ll make “progress” my word of the year. Regardless, I felt that I would share some of the creative things that I aim to work on in 2019. Also, not having set a “resolution” makes it okay to not hit a specific milestone and work at your own pace. You can’t fail if general advancement in your goals is the mindset you have from the beginning, am I right?!

Goal #1

This is what I’m calling #mystashblast2019 (and feel free to use this hashtag for your own stash blasting!)

If there’s one thing I desperately need to do, its use up my stash!!! Honestly, if you were to see my sewing space, you would think Michaels, Joann and your local quilt shop violently threw up all over the place. I’ve got ziplock bags (organized, mind you) of WIPs, or fabrics set aside for specific patterns. I’ve got most of my “fabric collection” organized (and organized is used very loosely right now) into wovens, knits and others (fusibles, interfacing, etc.) so that’s one step in the right direction. But seriously, I’ve got a LOT of fabric, and it needs to be used. So…. no new fabric purchases unless needed to finish a WIP, gift (that will be gifted in the immediate future and not end up a WIP) or commissioned work. 

I’m participating in the #iheartyousewalong starting next week run by Lindsay of Pen and Paper Patterns and Meghan of Then Came June, and will be using up my scraps for the hearts in the pattern! I’ve chosen Essex Yarn-Dyed in Steel for the background (from my stash), Kona White for the speech bubbles (from my stash), and will put together the hearts with scraps. I’m really looking forward to putting this quilt together!

The I Heart You block – photo via Pen and Paper Patterns

As I’m sure tons of you can agree, we need to break free of FOMO (fear of missing out) – it does not control our creative process, and to be a successful/productive creative, you don’t need the newest/shiniest fabric/thing out there. I need to keep repeating that to myself when I see some long lost Rashida Koleman-Hale Washi print pop up in a destash somewhere… ahhhh control yourself woman! Now this is not to say that I can’t treat myself occasionally, but I’m going to try my damnedest to not do any shopping “just because”. 

Some other things I’m going to try to include in this arena:

  • de-stashing fabrics that aren’t going to be used – either selling or donating
  • finishing WIPs (kits, patterns started, challenge quilts, BOM winnings)
  • using what I have and being creative with my choices/options
  • making to sell if I don’t want to destash but don’t need to keep (I’m weird – pre-cut patchwork baby quilts for example)
  • yarn! I’ve got too much yarn and not enough time – sell what I’m not going to use on Ravelry or destash on IG

Goal #2

More ME sewing! Last year I quit doing craft shows. I was getting sick of sewing; sick of my favourite pastime, which was supposed to be my creative therapy. So no more. Only a few select commissions by those people who I know appreciate the work and time that goes into quilting and sewing, and the rest is for me and/or my immediate family. And you know what? It’s been freeing! I still have more project WIPs than I know what to do with, but they’re all projects for me. And because of this mindset, I’ve gotten back into garment sewing! I’m planning on setting up my own #2019makenine as there are a few garments that are on my must-make list, and sharing these make goals publicly will help keep me accountable. 

This is a little collection I’ve put together for a client commission (aka – one of the few people I do commissions for). This super cute whale print is from Spoonflower and the other two are from the Aweigh North collection by Rae Ritchie that I got from The Workroom in Toronto. I plan to add a few more blenders into the mix. She’s having a baby boy and this will be for his crib!

Goal #3

Another one of my sewing goals is something that I wanted to do this past year, but due to life throwing curveballs my way, it didn’t get done. I have a few patterns that were published in 2018 that I need to finalize to sell. As well as finalizing a few that I’ve been working on. I’m not sure if I’ll submit any patterns to magazines this year but we’ll see how things go. 

Love Patchwork & Quilting FPP quilt project
This is my Print Panache quilt pattern that was published in Love Patchwork and Quilting at the start of 2018. I’m currently working on hand-quilting my second version using a different layout of the pattern, but still need to finalize the PDF to sell.

Goal #4

Make to make myself happy. I had a hard time this year not joining the newest, shiniest quilt-along or fabric challenge that came across my screen. Its okay to say NO, because let’s be honest, there are only so many hours in the day. Again FOMO can be a nasty trigger but I’m not going to let her tempt me. But I will go with the flow, and enjoy the process. 

So there they are – my non-comittal goals for my sewing practice this year. No resolutions anymore. Just a work in progress. Do you have plans for your sewing projects this year?