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The Majestic Pineapple – in the works

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I know tons of creative people who doodle, sketch or draw during the day. I’m one of those people; currently in front of me at my desk are 2 small sketch books, 1 large sketch book, 2 graph pads and 2 watercolour pads. I’ve also got two pencil cases full of the myriad of black ink pens, pencils and other mark-making tools that are standard to graphic designers, or at least the ones I know. But unlike most, I find myself doodling in relation to my quilty obsession.

Quilt patterns – that’s what I sketch. If I’m inspired by an image or theme, I’m automatically drawn to figuring out the geometric equivalent and turning said image into a quilt pattern. Doing this on a regular basis has given me a decent collection of potential quilt layouts – and this is where one of my creative resolutions has come into play. I’ve got two quilt designs in the works that I’m writing patterns for – one I’ve already created and photographed the finished quilt, and the second is a more detailed pattern, so first I’m creating a mini version for the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild‘s Essex Linen mini quilt challenge. I don’t plan on making mini versions of all of my quilt patterns (math makes my brain hurt) but I’m really looking forward to having two versions of my new pattern finished before submitting to magazines.

Above is a snapshot of my mini version of The Majestic Pineapple quilt pattern. Is the name okay? How do people name their quilt patterns? My mini version uses all Essex Linen and the full size will use different yellow and green patterned fabrics for the two sections with a low-volume background. Also thinking of a bold/bright binding to frame the finished quilt.

I can’t wait to get this mini finished – It will give me a good (mini) reference to how I want to finish the full sized quilt.

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