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The Kindred Quilt Pattern

Oh dear – so my goal of blogging regularly has been shot to hell. Gotta step up my game, so might as well go big or go home! And by that I mean that I just self-published my first quilt pattern!

The Kindred Quilt was the first quilt pattern that I ever designed. It was originally only supposed to be for me but I wanted to share her with the world. Please be kind! She’s a 63″ x 72″ throw quilt, using only HST’s and a few solid blocks. Super simple, super easy and a great quilt to tackle if you’re a beginner wanting to try out a HST pattern with some interesting internal shapes. Because its my first self-published pattern, and I’m still working out all the kinks and specifics (don’t worry – the pattern is correct, I just mean all the fine print, etc. associated with pattern writing) it will be listed for $5.00 (CAN).

I would love to know what you think! Please leave a comment, and please be gentle. To purchase the quilt, please go here!

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