She's a WINNER baby!

A short post to share my excitement!! My POP (pink, orange, purple) Quilt won 3rd place in the Patterns, Books - Bed category at Quilt Canada 2024!

Here's a photo of it hanging with its ribbon at the show. Thanks to Catherine Rostron and Naomi Hiller for sending me photos!

This was my first time having a quilt shown at a national show, and my first time showing at Quilt Canada. As I mentioned in a previous blog post about the making of this quilt I used the Bright Lights Big City paper and acrylic templates from Victoria Findlay Wolfe. My goal was to not repeat the same two combinations of fabrics in the paper pieced corner sections. It was such a fun quilt to make and comes together fairly easy considering its size! 

And because I hadn't shown this photo before, here's the "quilt on a bed" required shot for my submission. 

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