Workshops / Talks

* I'm building up my teaching offerings so check back regularly as this page will be updated *

Talks (virtual or in-person)

A love letter to needle-turn applique (30 min)
From being harshly discouraged to being a needle-turn applique junkie, this age-old quilting technique has seen me at my best and helped get me through my worst. Follow along in this poetry inspired talk and be prepared to shed a tear, as I sure will be. 

Thread Talk with Wonderfil Specialty Threads



Needle-Turn Applique basics
Learn the absolute basics about needle-turn applique. Basting, working with different shapes, different ways to handle your work, needle and thread tips, etc. You'll come away with a small appliquéd panel you can turn into a zip pouch!


English Paper Piecing basics
Learn the absolute basics about English paper piecing! Basting options, stitching options, working with different shapes and fun ways to create your own patterns. You'll come away with a few pieced samples and a start at a fun mug rug project! 

Surface Pattern Design with Decolourant
In this full-day class students will learn the groundwork to creating their very own repeating, single colour surface design pattern. We'll get hands on creating a stencil and having fun with decolourant, watching as the stinky magic happens and their patterns become a reality! This workshop requires a space with the ability to have open ventilation - decolourant is fun, but smelly!