Sparrows Quilt

This blog post was written a few years after this quilt was made. 

A new baby is always the perfect excuse for a quilt. When I found out, during the height of the pandemic (early 2021) and new Zoom working environment, that my co-worker was 6 months pregnant I was shocked! From seeing someone in-person everyday to now only seeing them from the chest up, on my computer screen, I was both surprised (and soooo excited for her) and sad that I hadn't figured it out sooner. But then again, no one knew! Its a crazy world we live in now! Needless to say, there hadn't been a new baby in/around my life lately, so I was very excited to make this baby a quilt. 

Knowing the mom, I told her in advance that I was going to be making the baby a quilt; and asked her if she had a colour palette picked out, etc for baby's new room. I remember being asked to NOT use any typical baby colours, which I was totally happy to oblige. I believe the Sparrows quilt pattern had recently been released by Pen and Paper Patterns and I absolutely fell in love with it, so decided to use it for this quilt project. I pulled out my trusty Kona swatches, chose my very non-baby palette and once my fabrics arrived, got to cutting and sewing!

Sparrows quilt made by Jenn McMillan

I actually ordered less of the background blue by accident and didn't want to wait for more to arrive, so the outside border is slightly smaller than it called for in the pattern, but its not off by much, and I was still very happy with the result. I had sent the quilt to Shelly at Ma Tante Quilting to be longarmed, and she sent me these gorgeous photos of the quilt once she had taken it off the frame. 

I was able to deliver the quilt not long after baby arrived; making sure we had a socially distanced visit. I also embroidered the quilt label, which I thought was a nice final touch! 

Sparrows quilt made by Jenn McMillan

Sparrows quilt made by Jenn McMillan

Hand embroidered quilt label

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